What is P2 Magazine?

P2 refers to Pillar 2. Pillar 2, within ThoughtWorks, is software excellence, flanked by pillars one and three of sustainable business and social justice. These three equally support ThoughtWorks.

Software excellence evades definition. It’s easy to think of concise lines of code laid out like prose. But we didn’t want this magazine to be exclusively for those who think in code. ThoughtWorks is filled with testers, designers, analysts and innovators. We had to expand our definition to include the excellence that happens before and after we consider how we solve a problem.

Editorial Committee

Ryan Boucher, Sarah Howe, Rachel Laycock, Rebecca Parsons


Ryan Boucher, Sarah Howe, Rachel Laycock, Harinee Muralinath, Sathyan Nair, Kornelis Sietsma, Nick Thorpe, Craig Wattrus

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