Welcome to the first puzzle for 2014. This it is brought to you by Anand Krishnaswamy.

A city is divided into zones (shown in red, green, orange, lilac and blue in the picture below) by the municipal corporation. Each zone has a few garbage bins within its bounds (spread out as evenly as possible). Each zone (except the grey one) has a garbage collection truck assigned to it. This truck plies the designated zone and empties the bins therein. Each truck has the capacity of 9 bins. Surrounding the brightly coloured zones is a special zone (bounded by the black line & outside all the other zones) which is a “common-zone”. Any truck can empty bins in this zone only when it has collected all the garbage in its designated zone. No truck is assigned the grey zone.

A garbage truck is paid 1 bitcoins per emptied bin and a bonus of 5 bitcoins for every bin after the 5th bin emptied.

Devise a solution for the garbage collection company to track, manage & setup accounting for their trucks & ensure that the city is garbage-free. Note that your elegant solution must scale to a city with, say, 10,000 bins.