A Word From The Editor

Welcome to the March issue of P2.

This month we have a new area of focus in our articles – hardware. ThoughtWorks has just completed the 100 days of Hardware initiative, which kicked off in North America, but has spread to many of our regions globally. One output of that was TheBot from Bangalore. Karan Misra will share his story this month, but expect more hardware articles in the future.

We also have some more DevOps fun with Vagrant from Derek Hammer.

On the Polyglot front Rouan Wilsenach explains why hiring a polyglot programmer is good for your team vs a language expert and Dave Elliman tells us a success story of using Clojure on a Java team.

We are very technology heavy this month and we want P2 Magazine to encompass all aspects of what ThoughtWorks does and how we innovate to create excellent software. So next month Amira Pettus will join the team to drive through some stories from the UX community. If you would like to contribute stories on Testing, Analysis or Process then please reach out to us on p2@thoughtworks.com.

Thank you for reading and for the great feedback you’ve given the P2 team.

Rachel Laycock, Editor in Chief

This month we feature:

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