We went through two iterations of the last puzzle, Garbage collection. We received two good responses from Atabek Akbalaev & Fiona Coath.

Atabek’s solution provided a means for “marking” the bins in the city in one pass & using that as the reference map for the future. Fiona’s solution tackled the problem of verifying emptying of bins with weighing-measures on the arms of the apparatus that lifts the bins to empty them. Any solution with a need to install/apply something to the bins is a candidate for operational concerns, especially if the number of bins grew significantly and/or the risk of theft/damage of the probe (RFID, QR-Code, etc.). The problem dearly missed solutions for tackling the zone-emptied-first requirement though Atabek’s solution could be extended to address that.

For providing part of the solution, both Atabek & Fiona receive a book of their choice by a current or prior ThoughtWorker.