Pacto Contracts describe the constraints we want to put on interactions between a consumer and a provider. It sets some expectations about the headers expected for both the request and response, the expected response status code. It also uses json-schema to define the allowable request body (if one should exist) and response body.


The Request section comes first. In this case, we're just describing a simple get request that does not require any parameters or a request body.

"request": { "headers": {

A request must exactly match these headers for Pacto to believe the request matches the contract, unless Pacto.configuration.strict_matchers is false.

"Accept": "application/vnd.github.beta+json", "Accept-Encoding": "gzip;q=1.0,deflate;q=0.6,identity;q=0.3" },

The method and path are required. The path may be an rfc6570 URI template for more flexible matching.

"method": "get", "path": "/repos/thoughtworks/pacto/readme" }, "response": { "headers": { "Content-Type": "application/json; charset=utf-8", "Status": "200 OK", "Cache-Control": "public, max-age=60, s-maxage=60", "Etag": "\"fc8e78b0a9694de66d47317768b20820\"", "Vary": "Accept, Accept-Encoding", "Access-Control-Allow-Credentials": "true", "Access-Control-Expose-Headers": "ETag, Link, X-RateLimit-Limit, X-RateLimit-Remaining, X-RateLimit-Reset, X-OAuth-Scopes, X-Accepted-OAuth-Scopes, X-Poll-Interval", "Access-Control-Allow-Origin": "*" }, "status": 200, "body": { "$schema": "", "description": "Generated from with shasum 3ae59164c6d9f84c0a81f21fb63e17b3b8ce6894", "type": "object", "required": true, "properties": { "name": { "type": "string", "required": true }, "path": { "type": "string", "required": true }, "sha": { "type": "string", "required": true }, "size": { "type": "integer", "required": true }, "url": { "type": "string", "required": true }, "html_url": { "type": "string", "required": true }, "git_url": { "type": "string", "required": true }, "type": { "type": "string", "required": true }, "content": { "type": "string", "required": true }, "encoding": { "type": "string", "required": true }, "_links": { "type": "object", "required": true, "properties": { "self": { "type": "string", "required": true }, "git": { "type": "string", "required": true }, "html": { "type": "string", "required": true } } } } } } }