A Word From The Editor

After a year long hiatus I would like to welcome you back to the P2 Magazine.

It started out as an experiment by a few ThoughtWorkers in 2013. A fun side project by those of us who were passionate about getting the diverse opinions and ideas shared within ThoughtWorks out into the world. Externalise the internal conversations. And so birthed the P2 Magazine.

But alas, us P2 elves have day jobs and they soon caught up with us. A flurry of emails over the proceeding months, from internal and external readers, showed us we were missed. And so, we're back...

We hope you enjoy what we are talking about this month. We have focused some of the articles in this issue around the explosive growth in the devops arena. Piyush Srivastava tells us what he thinks is the future of Cloud and Max Griffiths' asks for Go CD to be considered a tool of choice for Continuous Delivery – not just because ThoughtWorks built it. Finally, Abby Bangser and James Spargo explain how to analyse those DevOps stories – yes they aren’t just tech tasks.

At ThoughtWorks, a hot topic for us right now is security. Given this, Marko Vuksanic and Sam Gibson explain how HTTPS really works. We also never stop talking about how to improve your code, so Kevin Hickey will explain how to do that across the enterprise and David Nelson answers the question of "where is .NET on the ThoughtWorks Technology Radar?".

Finally, if all that was a bit too serious we have a fun puzzle for you and an entertaining comic from Pete Chemsripong.

We hope you enjoy it!

Rachel Laycock, Editor in Chief

This month we feature:

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