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How Talisman Works

Talisman works based on pattern matching for files, content, patterns, entropy etc. in your commit changesets.


If you wish to see how the code works, you can find the detectors here.

The following detectors execute against the changesets to detect secrets/sensitive information:

  • Encoded values - scans for encoded secrets in Base64, hex etc.
  • File content - scans for suspicious content in file that could be potential secrets or passwords
  • File size - scans for large files that may potentially contain keys or other secrets
  • Entropy - scans for content with high entropy that are likely to contain passwords
  • Credit card numbers - scans for content that could be potential credit card numbers
  • File names - scans for file names and extensions that could indicate them potentially containing secrets, such as keys, credentials etc.

You can explore further to add your own custom configurations such as checking for custom patterns or setting custom thresholds.

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