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Global Installation

Recommended approach of installation

It is a good choice to install Talisman as a global hook template. Talisman will thus be present, not only in your existing git repositories, but also in any new repository that you ‘init’ or ‘clone’.
Although you could choose to install Talisman as pre-commit or a pre-push hook, we recommend installing Talisman as a pre-commit git hook template.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Run the following command on your terminal, to download and install the binary at $HOME/.talisman/bin

    As a pre-commit hook:

    curl --silent > /tmp/install_talisman.bash && /bin/bash /tmp/install_talisman.bash

    OR As a pre-push hook:

    curl --silent > /tmp/install_talisman.bash && /bin/bash /tmp/install_talisman.bash pre-push
  2. If you do not have TALISMAN_HOME set up in your $PATH, you will be asked an appropriate place to set it up. Choose the option number where you set the profile source on your machine.

    Remember to execute source on the path file or restart your terminal. If you choose to set the $PATH later, add export TALISMAN\_HOME=$HOME/.talisman/bin to the path.

  3. Choose a base directory where Talisman should scan for all git repositories, and setup a git hook (pre-commit or pre-push, as chosen in step 1) as a symlink. This script will not clobber pre-existing hooks. If you have existing hooks, look for ways to chain Talisman into them (Check the page on ‘Handling Existing Hooks’).

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