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Update Talisman

Since release v1.6.0, Talisman automatically updates the binary to the latest release, when the hook is invoked (at pre-commit/pre-push, as set up). So, just sit back, relax, and keep using the latest Talisman without any extra efforts.

The following environment variables can be set:

  1. TALISMAN_SKIP_UPGRADE :Set to true if you want to skip the automatic upgrade check. Default is false
  2. TALISMAN_UPGRADE_CONNECT_TIMEOUT :Maximum connection timeout before the upgrade is cancelled (in seconds). Default is 10 seconds.

If at all you need to manually upgrade, here are the steps:
[Recommended] Update Talisman binary and hook scripts to the latest release:

curl --silent > /tmp/update_talisman.bash && /bin/bash /tmp/update_talisman.bash

Update only Talisman binary by executing:

curl --silent > /tmp/update_talisman.bash && /bin/bash /tmp/update_talisman.bash talisman-binary

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