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The uninstallation process depends on how you had installed Talisman. You could have chosen to install as a global hook template or at a single repository.

Please follow the steps below based on which option you had chosen at installation.

Uninstallation from a global hook template

Run the following command on your terminal to uninstall talisman globally from your machine.

For pre-commit hook:

curl --silent > /tmp/uninstall_talisman.bash && /bin/bash /tmp/uninstall_talisman.bash

For pre-push hook:

curl --silent > /tmp/uninstall_talisman.bash && /bin/bash /tmp/uninstall_talisman.bash pre-push

This will

  1. ask you for the base dir of all your repos, find all git repos inside it and remove talisman hooks
  2. remove talisman hook from .git-template
  3. remove talisman from the central install location ($HOME/.talisman/bin).

You will have to manually remove TALISMAN_HOME from your environment variables

Uninstallation from a single repository

When you installed Talisman, it must have created a pre-commit or pre-push hook (as selected) in your repository during installation.

You can remove the hook manually by deleting the Talisman pre-commit or pre-push hook from .git/hooks folder in repository.

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