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Talisman supports MAC OSX, Linux and Windows.

Talisman can be set up as either a pre-commit or pre-push hook on the git repositories.

You can choose to install Talisman in one of the following ways:

  1. As a global installation : This is the RECOMMENDED approach. In this way, Talisman will install as a git hook as a global git hook template on the machine and a CLI utility, which can also be used for git repo scanning. The git hook can be set up for either a pre-commit or a pre-push configuration.
  2. As a hook for a single repository : This approach will install Talisman as a pre-push hook to a single repository. You will have to take extra manual steps to extend Talisman as a repository scanner, beyond a pre-push git hook.

Disclaimer: Secrets creeping in via a forced push in a git repository cannot be detected by Talisman. A forced push is believed to be notorious in its own ways, and we suggest git repository admins to apply appropriate measures to authorize such activities.

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