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Hook Chaining

Did you have git repositories with other pre-commit/pre-push hooks? Are you worried that installing Talisman will clobber the existing git hooks?
Worry not! Installation of Talisman does no such thing.

If the installation script finds any existing hooks, it will only indicate so on the console. You will have to take the extra step to employ git hook chaining to allow Talisman to also take effect
To achieve running multiple hooks you could use any tool of your choice. We have given a suggested way below.

Handling existing hooks

Talisman will need to be chained with any existing git hooks.You can use pre-commit git hooks framework to handle this.

Add this to your .pre-commit-config.yaml (be sure to update rev to point to a real git revision!)

-   repo:
    rev: ''  # Update me!
    # either `commit` or `push` support
    -   id: talisman-commit
    # -   id: talisman-push

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